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Catalog Shoot

20.09.10 (English)
Sorry for another blurb, but got to dump my heart.

We just finished catalog shoot for one huge german wedding fashion producer (those who know us know who it is, I will not advert here, because it is just blog, ok? :-) and i got to be amazed. While of course it never goes fully as planed, when we got home and actually had time to look at the files* we were really really pleased. We might even as well sell Photoshop license and get camera with direct print button :-). You see, when you have perfect models**, mua, close to perfect organization and fun, you just shoot to print.
And all kudos for somebody finally listening our recommendation that while heavy post processing might be normal in fashion world, we just prefer reality and if you have high expectations for your models, just book those who meet them and win! :-)
brb Kitty

And yes, as most, if not all pics on blog, this one is SOOC (straight out of the camera). So you see my point.

Yes, I can read your thoughts and all I can say is: "exactly..."

*) yea yea we tether but 50 or how many dresses, jackets, dogs, cats, you name it in 6 hours? You can never say you have been in fashion business without similar experiences. Or, wait, it goes every time like that :-)!

**) of course we work only with perfect models, you all people are perfect :-P! But here our expectation means much less then art director's expectations :-D. Gruesse an Neilie :-DD
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