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20.09.10 (Tech Stuff)
While there will be as always many new exciting stuffs for our industry, the killers are already known. For us at least anyway.

Killer deal 1 is Fujifilm Finepix-x100 and second one is new Nikkor 35mm f1.4

We wanted some easy portable "range finder" for ages, that is what we were missing* for years. Range finder is just point and shoot camera for photographers - easy portable small camera without compromise in image quality. The new Finepix not only looks really like 2011 replacement for our trusty old Nikon rangefinder, but all specs looks promising as well (wide, fast lens, optical viewfinder, large sensor and full manual controls). Xmass are coming and we will see soon enough. Expected price is so far about 1000€. Well it beats Leica X1 in specs, so why not.

Killer deal 2 is Nikon Nikkor AF-S 35mm f1.4 G N. 35mm is for us fundamental lens and our AI-S is almost 25 years old (design even older). This lens looks on paper awesome, first sample pics sadly are disappointing but we credit them to a bit rushed times, we expect nothing less then what new 24mm G delivers!

*) no i won't go Leica way, you all know the reasons and price is not one of them
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