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Countdown for last wedding. Wiping tears

26.10.10 (English)
Few days to go for last wedding this year. Whoa, kind of sad thinking about it. But what could be better reason to open bottle of Bordeaux 1999 (wedding thankyou from April) than sadness like that?
Sure not all is bad, it was long season and we sure also looking forward for more time spent with family. Our buddy from CA don't know no time off, they have whole year wedding season :-).

Wedding Season End Pros:
* More time for family and our own projects
* More chances to plan for next year changes (they will be huge) and improvements which we didn't wanted to do midseason
* Now is the time we starting to receive all those cool presents and thankyou cards :-)
* Gimme a S, Gimme an A, Gimme a T, Gimme Saturdays! Nuff said... :-D
* What were my kid's names again? :-D
* I finally don't need to worry about weather on Saturday!

Wedding Season End Cons:
* I have to cook Flaedlesuppe every week because of Fred's addiction
* I have to make cake every weekend (see above)
* No new 60 cool people per week discovered
* Now comes to priority the looooong list of things i was delaying because of "busy season". Starting with rooms painting and ending with rebuilding our gallery, website, blog, cameras and lenses cleaning, etc.
* when you are overly busy, you are buying less gadgets, when not, then - well,...

We love you all, thank you for choosing us and being with us and for everything. I will make sure to enjoy the last day as it, well, being the last day :-)...
cheers, k+f
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