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What could be horse then missing groom?

22.11.10 (English)
Horse and brideSorry for the pun :-). Well it is not bad at all! That's called bridal portraits and they are fairly popular all over the world. For those who don't know, it is just wedding portraiture with missing the groom element. Still not convinced?

For many grooms are photo sessions (like full blown trash the dress) not comfortable, they want documentary, maybe few portraits with to-be-bride and that's all. After all, wife's the better half, right? Still many brides want to have their beauty captured for eternity on special place without worrying too much for the rest of the guests for one/two hours. But there comes actually more into it why they are so popular.

1) Photoshoot in wedding dress without groom seeing it
You can have your portraits done before wedding without groom seeing you before actual wedding happens. Sure, groom is missing, but truth is that bride is the sunshine of the wedding and by having separate bridal portraits, you are not getting less of everything else. You are getting more...

2) Ultimate "Thank-You-For-Engagement-Ring" present
You just got to see eyes of groom when receiving book with his lovely loved bride. Especially on wedding day. Just bride book. Pure, shine, glamorous, fun. Just for him.

3) I-don't-really-like-photos-of-me-being-taken-grooms
Have your photoshoot even when groom doesn't want trash the dress or dedicated portrait action.

4) It's like any other portrait book, only better
From requirements and possibilities, it is same like any other photoshoot done before or after wedding. Difference is, that if done before wedding, we guarantee you the book for the wedding day (we bring it to your main wedding date with us). Groom don't even need to know such photoshoot happened. As the shooting is more relaxed, we have more time to take special care to not make dress dirty too. Even in the case that dress would need cleaning, it is still worth it though, but there is always option to do the photoshoot in clean place, studio or even with other then wedding dress.

5) Staged preparations
Last reason is actually the one which lead us to most bridal portraits in 2010: to free the wedding day of additional stress, yet to have whole coverage needed. For example, bride wants to have her preparations/dressing up fully documented, but is not willing to spend any time on such photos during the wedding day. Sure it is understandable, as she have already lot in her head and it is just beginning of the day. So why not to meet few days before on dress testing session or even already in wedding fashion shop? Ultimate documentary, no stress.

So here is the deal...
So as you read down until here, you are ready to receive the present. All full day wedding packages for 2011 have bridal session included at no additional costs. Even if you have booked trash the dress and/or engagement session already. Requirements are as follows: session is not done on weekend, it is true bridal session (as in, only bride is captured, no groom on set) and last but not least, you get for groom some print, special release of our book (for example 19cm leather wrapped metallic paper spread, additional costs might apply depending on your booked package) - DVD is not a present! This applies for weddings already booked and for those which yet will be booked, no need to claim anything. All our 2011 weddings apply. Travel costs 50km from Stuttgart are included.
Why? Because it is ultimately cool and complicated to order when groom is not allowed to see it on the contract/bill. So it is included for all of you. Happy advent!

Curious for more details? Contact us.

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