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Statistical Overkill 2010: Best Wedding Restaurant of 2010

22.11.10 (English)
Best Restaurant in ReutlingenWe love statistics as the very next guy, so here is first of series of posts about our 2010 experience. You got to return some love to those who take their work seriously and with lot of care, right ? :-)

Now we are going to announce best restaurant of 2010!
This year it was actually simple. Overall best experience we had in Waldcafe Pfullingen. We actually had two wedding there, in May and August. Each time it was different and very nice. Food is awesome, everything is very, very clean, restaurant is very big so there is awesome huge dance floor too. Restaurant have nearby wood, really nice scenery, big playground and terrace, all asking for very nice photos. At best go see for your self if you are scouting for some nice evening location for your wedding in around Reutlingen.

Link is here.

Best Restaurant in StuttgartThis time we will also announce second place because it was quite tight. Second place would be taken by bar Breezin in Stuttgart. It is close to perfection as well, but is of course much smaller (for smaller wedding perfect though). Some special points are assigned for very close and family like feel and service. Some points are lost for parking issues (how typical for Stuttgart) and size which really suits more to wide-family evening then full wedding party.

Link is here.
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