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Q&A to Pocket Wizard review

15.01.11 (Tech Stuff)
Q: Pocket Wizards are expensive, and I am not sure if, and....
A: Using flash? Don't talk, just buy it. You will thank me later.

Q: Do i need TT5 or TT1?
A: TT1 is just sender while TT5 can be used for both. TT1 is smaller, but only 20Eur cheaper and using weird battery. I say, if bulk is not issue, buy only TT5s.

Q: How many TT5s i need?
A: I will use 5 or more in field. You need at least two to make it work, but i would add each for your flash. Durability is TBD so keep backup as well if you will use it lot.

Q: Any downsides so far?
A: Hot shoe where TT5s go to camera is plastic, i would much more like it being metal for that price. That is so far only downside i see.

Q: Can i control how zooms flash head remotely?
A: No. That is not part of TTL. It is transmitted only over wired connection.

Q: Does FastFP work? Does it work with beyond 1/250s shutter speed?
A: Yes, it does. I was able to use 1/1600s, more works also as there is in PC utility lot of you can adjust. I don't see it that important as speedlights lose lot of power beyond 1/320s. But for some special cases it sure helps.

Q: I still don't get it. All too technical Bahnhof and I am just photographer! What is so life-changing! I am the real pro with flash on camera!
A: Short answer: you can control power of speedlights remotely without optical path. That was before available only for big studio flashes. It saves traveling to your flashes each time you need to adjust it - for documentary photographers it is life changing - more time for shooting, less time spent on setup. Sure if you are shooting with just flash on camera (ummm), you will have no benefit from it.
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