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Battle of the Glass 35mm

27.02.11 (Tech Stuff)
A i promised here is new article about 35m Nikkors comparison. Article will expand as new content will be added.

Q&A to Pocket Wizard review

15.01.11 (Tech Stuff)
Here are some answers to numerous question i received. I will expand the article as needed.

Pocket Wizard FlexTT5 for Nikon

14.01.11 (Tech Stuff)
I started to write this short review because i didnt found enough information on the internet how does new FlexTT5 work on Nikon system. Most information available were for Canon or were using AC3 Zone controller which makes setup a little easier.
Read more about these new Pocket Wizards after the break...

Photokina Started

20.09.10 (Tech Stuff)
While there will be as always many new exciting stuffs for our industry, the killers are already known. For us at least anyway.

Killer deal 1 is Fujifilm Finepix-x100 and second one is new Nikkor 35mm f1.4

More info after the break.

Life-size prints from your favorite photographer

06.09.10 (Tech Stuff)
Finally got into updating our website a bit, added first examples from Epic Package (basically it's the quality we use for our normal art prints - now also as part of wedding packages). More examples will follow here:
Epic Package Demo

Blog Software

06.09.10 (Tech Stuff)
So what WWJD if he would not be able to chose some perfect blogging software? Exciting details after the break.

Up to the clouds: improving the customer's gallery

05.09.10 (Tech Stuff)
Our fine art gallery and customer galleries were until now running from co-located server at 1&1 and Alphanet with frontend based on virtual server with Plesk management.

Backup of user data

04.09.10 (Tech Stuff)
Here is just short write down about how are customer's data archived by us.

Little thought about resolution DPI/LPI/PPI

11.08.10 (Tech Stuff)
I am coming very often into discussions regarding image DPI, print resolution, camera resolution and so on. This is my little thought about it because number of uninformed or plain wrong people (including professionals) is almost funny sometimes.


Useful Photography Related Links

21.08.10 (Tech Stuff)
Online depth of field calculator (good for planing shots without camera in hands)

Field and angle of view table for various lenses on crop camera
For Nikon: http://www.acapixus.dk/photography/angle_of_view_15_crop.htm
For Canon: http://www.acapixus.dk/photography/angle_of_view.htm

All Nikon lenses with photos and basic info
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